Paul, a servant of Christ Jesus, called to be an apostle, set apart for the gospel of God, (Romans 1:1 ESV)

I’ve only recently started a personal study through the book of Romans, but I couldn’t even make it past this first verse without God stopping me and showing me something about Paul’s attitude that I can take and apply to myself.

Paul introduces himself as being called to be an apostle. Each one of us is called to something in life, but I’d like to apply this to what we are called to do in our day to day jobs.

Whatever each one of us does as a job, we have been called to do.

“The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD:” – Psalm 37:23

He guides our steps, and He has guided each of His children to where He needs them to be.

But Paul doesn’t stop at that introduction. He doesn’t just say that He’s an apostle and end it there.

He reinforces the fact that it is God that has called Him, and not just his imagination, by saying that He is separated unto the Gospel.

This is something I think we as Christians all need to remind ourselves of every day. That what we do at work or home is absolutely something we are called to do, but not unto ourselves.

What we do each and every day is unto God. He has separated us from the world and separated us from the desires of the flesh, and called us to His Gospel.

We need to remind ourselves of this because we are prone to falling into the way of thinking that emphasises our own desires.

Maybe at work we’ll let someone do something that isn’t quite legal, out of fear of not being liked as much.

Or maybe we’ll do something that benefits us a bit more than usual.

Or, and I think we’re most guilty of this, we’ll just act around our friends or co-workers, in a way that doesn’t blatantly show that we’re a christian.

Like Paul, we have been separated. Being made alive to Christ, means being separated from this world and unto His Gospel.

We must live to portray Christ in all that we do and say, not out of a legalistic sense, but so that all can hear and see the Gospel and that they might be saved as well.

We need to live a life that is separated to the Gospel as our primary focus.



Author: Justin Berrisford

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Hi Justin, we are presently studying Romans and I intend reading your message-excellent,as usual-at our next meeting.Shalom,Sonja Glass.

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Awesome, Justin. You are a blessing to the Body of Christ.

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