A elderly man and his wife were sitting in the lounge one day watching TV. The man turned to his wife and said, “Honey, I think I’m dead.” “What?!” She replied, “But you’re sitting there talking to me right now.” “No, no, I’m definitely dead. I just know it.” She started to worry a great (more…)

Shooting our wounded

There was an excellent movie released recently called, “Hacksaw Ridge”. Based on the true story of a medic during World War 2, who refused to carry or fire a gun, but ended up saving the lives of over 70 men in a single battle. It really is an amazing movie and I highly recommend watching (more…)

Objection! Part 2

As we come out into the new year, and out of the Christmas season, I’ve noticed a rising trend among the Church that states that to celebrate Christmas is sinful or wrong. Now I’ve celebrated Christmas my whole life as the birth of Jesus Christ, never once bringing worship to Santa Claus or to the (more…)


The Bible is an amazing miracle of God. 66 different books, 40 different authors, but a single coherant theme – Jesus. But humanity seems to have a major issue with the bible. More and more pastors and preachers are taking the scriptures and twisting them. We’re seeing so many leaders in the church using the (more…)

The Mission – Saints Sanctified (Part 2)

In my last post, I said that we are living in very uncertain times. And then the United States had their election, and things became only more uncertain. Not many people predicted what would happen, and nobody really knows how the outcome is going to affect the world. Again I ask, what is the church (more…)

This World of Ours

An old couple were lying in bed one day when the husband turned to his wife and said, “Honey, I think I’m dead.” “Don’t be silly. How can you be dead? You’re speaking to me right now!” She replied. “No, no, no I’m definitely dead. I’m absolutely convinced”. So naturally she took her husband to (more…)

Leaders of Men

At the pearly gates, St. Peter greeted a minister and politician and gave them their room assignments. “Pastor, here are the keys to one of our nicest efficiency units. And for you, Mr. Politician, the keys to our finest penthouse suite.” “This is unfair!” cried the minister. “Listen,” St. Peter said, “ministers are a dime (more…)

So what is repentence?

The topic of repentence in the modern church falls into one of three categories: Churches will brush it aside, sweep it under the rug and simply not preach it out of fear of offending people and losing the numbers. The pastor may even over emphasize repentence and preach it in a legalistic fashion, causing the (more…)

Just a short greeting

Hi there folks! As many of you may have seen over on the Facebook closed group, Val posted an update announcing me as the pastor of the internet church. I’d first like to thank all of those who welcomed me, as well as Val for giving me this opportunity. But my main thanks goes to (more…)